I'm Matthew, and this is my site. I'm a big fan of Apple, Pixar, Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars. I love playing video games, and I've even made a couple. 

One of my favorite pastimes is art and animation (Pixar and Disney fan, go figure) and I have been working on developing my drawing skills more and more. Check out my Art page for some of my work! I have also done a lot of graphic design projects, and my favorites are all collected in my Graphic Design page. A few of my animated projects are over on the Animation page, including a 2D-animated trailer that played in movie theaters around the Chippewa Valley!

I work at Jamf as an Education Services Engineer, which is incredibly fun and incredibly rewarding. I get to travel around the country teaching Jamf’s (and by extension, Apple’s) products to our customers in a classroom environment. It’s really cool to meet our customers in person and walk the line between teaching the absolute beginner how to do things, while still providing value for the long-time veteran in the same class.

I maintain a GitHub full of scripts that I use at Jamf, both for my own use and scripts that I distribute to customers to solve specific problems. There’s also a small, randomly updated Blog with a few Jamf-y things I’ve found useful during my career.

Finally, if you're interested in reading a blog I wrote exposing a cult in Eau Claire, WI, there is a foreword and a link to the blog under "Tales."