Collected here is some of the work I have done in animation both for myself and for others. A brief description accompanies each video with tools used, the intent of the design, and what it is.

Bloo Roll

I made this little guy in Blender for a video game I was working on. I never released the game, but I have been thinking about revisiting it in the future. Anyway, I really enjoyed the character so I made a very short animated sequence with him. I specifically wanted to experiment with light and shadow, so that's why there's only a single spotlight in the middle. The animation was all done with tweening and keyframes, right within Blender.

Burning Village CGI

This was created entirely in Unity - I created particle systems for the fire, sculpted and textured the terrain, and scripted out the actions to move the fireballs from one place to another. I made this for a local theatre company's original production, Beowulf: The Dragon since the story required the dragon lighting a small village on fire...but the darnedest thing was that the State Theatre didn't want us to start things on fire in their building. So, I made this CGI to be projected behind the play. It's a simple thing, but the audiences really loved it.

Beowulf: The Dragon Trailer

This took so long to make, but I am so proud of how well it came out. This was the advertisement for the Beowulf play that the Burning Village CGI was for, and it played right before movies at our local theaters like Micon and AMC. Every single part of this, except for the voiceover, was done by me. The script, the background, the sketches, the animation, and the music - this was a project that put all of my skills to the test. The animation is actually done in Keynote of all things. I just chopped up the moving piece of the sketch and created a separate object and moved that with a stock object animation in Keynote.