Tales from the Cult

In 2015, I started blogging about my experience in a cult in downtown Eau Claire, WI. There was horrific spiritual abuse, illegal financial policies, and practices that tore families apart. The pastor responsible had done something similar before in Michigan, but nothing was ever documented, and only a few people know what really happened there - and they aren't talking. So I decided to change that this time, and make sure he couldn't hide behind anonymity and go do this again in Texas, where he fled to after all of these allegations came forth. I created Tales from the Cult, and ever since I've been adding documents and articles about both past and current events with the church and the ongoing fallout.

It has been a very interesting challenge for me to write the blog. I had been very involved in the church before my eyes were opened to it being a cult. When I'm writing articles, it's very stressful. I get a lot of anxiety, and I get angry. It's not a fun side project. But I feel it's important, and I have already heard of people who heard of this pastor's new church in Texas, but had seen my blog and knew to steer clear - and get their friends away too. And that's what makes it worthwhile - the hope that this never happens again.

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